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5-Star Painter

5 star painter

How Did We Get To This Spot?

Doug's So Cal Painting has had the pleasure of serving Temecula Valley as a local 5-star painting company servicing our community for over 4 decades. Because Doug loves what he does, it keeps him active and engaged in his profession. 

Early in Doug's career, he knew that he did not like sitting behind a desk pushing papers. Doug's passion was to get out and meet people and business owners of the valley and propel his business into what it is today!
Doug has always thought that vigorous training and dedicated painting crews are only one of the foundation building blocks that have built his great painting business.


Of course, the other is getting out and meeting customers and ensuring you are 100% satisfied with his work.

This fact is proven because Doug's painting staff has longevity and skill set unmatched by other painting companies throughout Riverside County.

Doug keeps his crews busy year after year with over 750+ painting jobs.


The painting crews know what to expect when they enter into any painting project.​


Doug's trust in his painting crews has established unparalleled trust within the community.

5 star painter

The compassion for what Doug loves to do is evident when Doug is seen on a job site interacting with his painting crews and customers.


Many customers are unaware that Doug's So Cal Painting does more than paint. We also do repair work for your home or business.

Wood that is weathered, destroyed by an infestation from termites, and other with destroying organisms is no problem for our experienced crews of painters. In previous years, we have seen numerous ways wood has been compromised on a job site to recognize what has contributed to the problem. We will explain how to fix these issues, offer to do the work, and give you a solution to prevent them from reoccurring. 


So, how did Doug's So Cal Painting get to where it is today? 

When you Call on Doug's So Cal Painting for an Estimate, make sure to let us know about additional work that needs to be performed, and we will incorporate it into your painting project.


Did you know that Doug's So Cal Painting Company is an Independent Operated Painting Company and NOT a Franchise? Yep, Doug started his business in 1980 with a small number of painters, and Doug now employs several local painting crews. This also means that we do not pay royalty fees to a larger corporation or sacrifice our "5-star painter" status for substandard work.


If you are looking for an honest and respected painting company in the Temecula Valley, we ask that you let us earn your business. Call us and ask for a quote today.


How can we earn your business today?


You can call us @ 951-679-9682 or click on the quote button below.

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Why Hire Doug?

Doug Berg established Doug's So Cal Painting in 1980 and has earned businesses and residential customers' trust unparalleled to any other painting company in the Temecula Valley.


Our well-established painting company is located in Riverside County, providing exceptional and experienced painting crews for residential and commercial properties for over 40+ years.

We are honored to be whom Riverside County trusts with their home and businesses, and we don't take that lightly.


Our promise is to our loyal customers. Your needs will take priority on every painting project.

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