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5 Best Reasons To Paint Your Home Or Business


Painting Can Save You From Extensive Termite Damage

Termites destroy homes all over America every year, calculating in the billions of dollars.


Unfortunately, there's no way of totally stopping these pesky eaters, but there are ways to slow down these wood-destroying machines.

Painting does not stop a termite infestation, but paint can seal and protect your home's wood against these wood-destroying invaders.


The wood on the outside of your home is most vulnerable to termites and other wood-destroying organisms.


A protective layer of paint from your chimney down to ground level will ensure that you have the best protection overall.

Painting your home and putting up a glistening shield can make all the difference to guard against these airborne bugs.

termite damage

The other type of termite doesn't fly but lives beneath the surface of the earth. This eating machine is called the Subterranean Termite. This intelligent attacker will channel up from under the home with mud tubes to your home's foundation and then penetrate it.

If a wood foundation is rotted, it is easier for these colonies to feast on the exposed wood.​


Traditional termites, otherwise known as Drywood termites, will swarm after the first rain of a warm spring day.


These types of termites are like traditional flying insects. Termites can land on the wood of your home and then penetrate it by eating its cellulose.


The best defense against these types of flying critters is to contact Doug's So Cal Painting today so that we can put up a glistening barrier of premium paint tomorrow.

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Other Services We Offer

Doug's So Cal Painting does more than paint your home or business. We understand that preparation is a vital component to the look and finish of any project. 


We know that preparation work will need to be performed. Our crews are experts at doing everything from caulking any gaps, power washing the exterior, scraping peeling paint, wood replacement, and much more. 


We also offer other services beyond just painting! If you are doing a full remodel or need a helping hand moving something, give us a call and see what we can do for you. We want your project to be as seamless as possible, and we want to earn your business!


Painting Improves Curb Appeal

The easiest and best way to improve your home's curb appeal is by putting on a fresh coat of paint. This will make your home stand out among all others on your block and extend your pride of ownership.

If your home looks tired and weathered, a fresh coat of paint may be all that you're looking for.


Improving your curb appeal with a fresh coat of paint could add years of life to the wood and stucco of your home, protecting your most treasured asset against the elements.

Are your neighbors asking if you've left your home in the 70s? 

Bringing your home into the current century may be the perfect excuse to pick up the phone now and give us a

improving curb appeal

Doug's So Cal Painting is a 5-star painting company servicing the Temecula Valley for over 40+ years.


Our painting company brings experience and expertise to any residential home painting project.

Our painting crews have significant longevity with our company. Most of our crew members have been with Doug longer than 10+ years.


We are proud to have experienced local painters that know how to do just about anything, and more importantly, our employees are like family and work together.


We offer a FREE Paint Selection Consultation. This service was designed to assist customers with matching or selecting that perfect paint.


If you would like more information regarding this service, click the button below. 

color paint consultation

Paint Color Consultation

Not sure exactly what color of paint you are looking for on your project?  We encourage you to take advantage of our free on-site paint color consultation. 

Our professionals will bring hundreds of color samples to your home or business for you to choose from. Our goal is for you to see available options so that you are getting exactly what you want. 

We ONLY use the best top-quality painting products to ensure your paint looks great and will for years into the future.

Call on us today to get started on your painting project.


Extend The Life Of Your Home Or Business

Extending the life of your home should be your number one priority and should not be taken lightly.


When it comes to the inside and outside of your home, we make life simple with Free Quotes, Paint Selection Consultations and react quickly to your needs by having many crews ready to respond.

We are excited and proud to have served our community since 1980 as a 5-star rated company, plus our company has painted several thousand homes and businesses throughout our career.


We know that your home could last hundreds of years depending on the material it was built with and the environment in which you live.

We have always intended to use only the finest paints from Temecula Valley's best paint suppliers on your home.

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That's why we have focused only on top-quality names like Sherwin Williams, Dunn Edwards, Behr, and Vista Paints.


Taking care of your number one asset means that you are extending your home's life.


If you choose to prolong painting or put off general maintenance to your property, it could indicate higher costs in the future. 

Our painting experts have longevity in the painting industry and are specialists in their field.


Our painting crews work closely as a tight-knit group, and many of them have worked together at Doug's So Cal Painting for over 10 years.

We are proud to be independently owned and operated and a 5-star painting company for more than 40 years!

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Let Us Paint For You

Doug's So Cal Painting is one of the most trusted names in the Temecula Valley for residential and commercial painting for over 4 decades!

Our reputation has extended well beyond the borders of the Temecula Valley. We have done large projects and have a portfolio of some amazing commercial properties.

Doug is proud to have kept his crews busy with over 400+ residential and commercial painting projects every year.

Because of our fantastic customers bragging on our YELP page and word of mouth, we have been honored to be the leading residential and commercial painting company that many rely on every day!


Protect Your Investment From The Elements

A  fresh coat of paint on the exterior of your house will protect your number one investment from the harsh summer heat and the winter's rain.


Winter rains expose moisture to your home, and by painting the exterior stucco and exposed wood, you're protecting your number one asset against harmful organisms such as fungus or dry rot or a home's worst invader - the termite.

The summer's harsh sunlight will have damaging effects on your home's wood and stucco.


Blistering paint and exposed wood will start to decay and compromise your home's outside surfaces, leading to expensive and unforeseen repairs.

Putting on a fresh coat of paint from Doug's So Cal Painting will guard against the winter and summer months' harsh elements.

Fresh coat of paint

If you're planning on selling your home and thinking it might not be worth painting because it's too expensive, think again.


Repainting the exterior of your home can have a tremendous effect on your home's bottom line.


You can expect approximately a 55% return on investment from painting just the exterior of your home.

Not only will you see a significant return on investment, but you also bring up your home's curb appeal significantly to potential buyers.

Even if you're not selling, you could be saving money now by protecting the exterior of your home today versus putting it off for some years into the future.


Trust the experts at Doug's So Cal Painting with all of your interior and exterior painting projects.

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Why Hire Doug's So Cal Painters?

Doug Berg established Doug's So Cal Painting in 1980 and has earned businesses and residential customers' trust unparalleled to any other painting company in the Temecula Valley.


Our well-established painting company is located in Riverside County, providing exceptional and experienced painting crews for residential and commercial properties for over 40+ years.

We are honored to be whom Riverside County trusts with their home and businesses, and we don't take that lightly.


Our promise is to our loyal customers. Your needs will take priority on every painting project.


Paint Controls Against Mold, Mildew & Wood Rot

Having constant moisture sitting on exposed wood or stucco surfaces creates an environment where mold and mildew will thrive.


Moisture slowly deteriorates the wood surfaces resulting in weak or softwood, typically known as "Wood Rot," or "Dry Rot."​


When it becomes time to sell your home, a termite inspection is part of any selling process.


An inspector will come out to inspect your home before or during the sale process.


The termite inspector's main job is to look for three major things: 1. Termites, 2. Fungus, 3. Wood Rot/Dry Rot.


If termites are found, a termite inspector will notate that on their inspection report.

dry rot

Termites can be taken care of by localized treatments or removal and replacement of damaged wood, fumigation, or other means of eradication.


If fungus or wood rot is found, that's a much different outcome.

Once mold and mildew take hold of a wood surface, it's almost near impossible to fix it.


This type of wood-destroying organism usually means that some wood portion will have to be removed and/or replaced.

If localized treatment can be done, then that's great! But, if the wood is totally compromised, then expensive repairs will need to occur before you can sell a home, and you will have to replace the structure's damaged portions first.​


If your structure has softwood, otherwise known as "Wood Rot" or "Dry Rot," that wood surface can no longer support the structure's weight. If this occurs, you will start to notice the sagging and buckling of your structure.


Painting a home structure regularly can seal the wood from the harsh elements. Putting a protective layer of paint on your home makes it harder for mold, mildew, and rot to set in.

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