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Color Consultation

Dougs So Cal Painting

Residential And Commercial Customers

Have you ever searched on the Internet for "Residental House Painters Near Me" or "Painters Near Me" because you wanted a specific paint color for your home or commercial space?


Through our color consultation, we have the ability to color match your existing paint from any of our paint manufacturer partners to ensure you get exactly what you want.

Doug's So Cal Painting has used local, top-quality painting partners for their customers' painting projects for over four decades.

We only use the best high-quality paints from the most sought-after painting suppliers in our local area.

Because these companies supply us with the very best paints, we have focused only on quality names like Sherwin Williams, Dunn Edwards, Behr, and Vista Paints.

Doug trusts these paint suppliers for your home or business painting projects to ensure you get the quality and appearance you desire with long-lasting results.

We designed our color consultation to help with the color selections to ensure that you can see and select the best paint and colors for your painting projects.

paint color consultation
paint color consultation

Why Hire Doug?

Doug Berg established Doug's So Cal Painting in 1980 and has earned businesses and residential customers' trust unparalleled to any other painting company in the Temecula Valley.


Our well-established painting company is located in Riverside County, providing exceptional and experienced painting crews for residential and commercial properties for over 40+ years.

We are honored to be whom Riverside County trusts with their home and businesses, and we don't take that lightly.


Our promise is to our loyal customers. Your needs will take priority on every painting project.

For Residential And Commercial Customers

The next time you have the urge to explore the Internet, and search for terms like; "Painters Near Me" or "Painting Companies Near Me" - because you want particular help matching that ideal paint for your home or commercial space, rest assured that we are here for you!


We want to reassure you that Doug's So Cal Painting has over 4+ decades of experience in the painting profession.


We trust our suppliers for dependable and consistent results.

Our Paint Selection Consultation is convenient, and it is offered free to all of our customers.


Please pick up the phone or email us today and see why Doug's So Cal Painting has been the Temecula Valleys' number one painting company for 40+ years.

paint consultation
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